Zimbabwe's hyperinflation means sailing's no joke

Think sailing in the UK is expensive? Then imagine the cost of running a sailing school in Zimbabwe. The inflation rate in Zimbabwe is currently at 1193.5% or around 3% per day. Or the current exchange rate is 255.963 Zimbabwe Dollars for $1 U.S.

Jacana Yacht Club on Zimbabwe’s Lake Chivero in is holding a week-long sailing clinic this May, aimed at children who sail Optimist dinghies. But only the very, very rich will be sending their children for the week, as the costs are somewhat exorbitant. The article at www.Sail-Search.com quotes the small print:

‘Please note: Due to hyper inflation we cannot budget in Zim Dollars, our biggest expense at Sailing School is fuel, therefore all prices are related to the price of fuel at the time of Sailing School. Payment only accepted in the equivalent cash value at registration on the first day of Sailing School. Fees will be charged on a sliding scale according to the number of family members participating. The charge will be equivalent to 12 Litres fuel for the first family member, 10 Litres fuel for the second and 8 Litres fuel for third and subsequent members. These fees include entry to the Race Training. Membership of the Optimist Class Racing Association (OCRA) is paid with the fees and there are extra charges of 1 Litre fuel for a copper Optimist for first time oppie sailors (see below) and 2 Litres fuel for an OCRA Log Book. All persons staying at the School will be required to pay a camping fee.

Camping fees will be 1.2 Litres fuel per day per adult, 0.6 Litres fuel per day per child and 0.6 Litres fuel per day per domestic employee. For those who want to buy lunches and dinners, they will be available on the verandah at a price to be announced.

A limited number of Optimists are available for hire on a first come first served basis for $150 000-00 for the week plus $50 000-00 deposit which will be refunded upon returning the boat and accessories in the same state that it was hired.’