A new company www.on-water.co.uk offers first-time boat-buyers practical training, first year's insurance and a boat survey to ensure safety and peace of mind

 A new Sheffield-based business,On-Water.co.uk, aims to make waves in the UK boat industry by helping people who have always dreamt of owning a boat but have been put off by the perceived expense and lack of practical experience.

On-Water.co.uk has introduced a unique ‘Boat Buyer’s Package’ which, amongst other things, offers practical training, first year’s insurance and a boat survey to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Co-founder, Matthew Gilder explains:
“Boating is a fast-growing leisure activity in Britain but many people think that to own a boat you have to be fabulously wealthy and highly skilled. The reality is that there are many different types of boat to suit varying budgets and there are plenty of organisations that can train people how to use them. After spending months talking to people inside and outside the world of boating we felt that as well as appealing to experienced buyers we could take the fear and complexity out of buying a boat and offer a one-stop service for the first time buyer.”

The company website features many different types of boat for sale and is designed to answer the questions that any prospective buyer might have on issues such as prices, training, safety, insurance, legal requirements and mooring.

For more information: Contact Matthew Gilder or David Mostyn on 0870 240 7345 or visit www.on-water.co.uk