BBC carries live sailing and highlights

The BBC will be showing live sailing during the Beijing Olympics and a recorded highlights package later in the day. The Olympic regatta in Qingdao runs from Saturday 9 to Thursday 21 August and the first warning gun fires at 0600 UK time.

To catch the live action on BBC Interactive, click your red button at 0600 and you’ll have Richard Simmons and Olympic gold medallist Shirley Robertson guiding you through each tack and gybe. There’s a highlights package of at least 30 minutes on BBC1 every morning, and an hour of the day’s Olympic highlights on BBC1 from 1900-2000.

BBC’s Olympic sailing coverage 

If you can’t make it to a TV screen, BBC’s online archive iPlayer will carry the day’s highlights, categorized by sport, so you can catch up with the action at your leisure.

Sailing has been a rich seam of gold for Britain’s Olympians in recent Games, let’s hope the goldrush continues in Qingdao.

C’mon GBR!