Tom McNally to cross pond in 3ft 10in sailing boat

Dubbed the ‘bathtub sailor’ by the press, Liverpudlian adventurer Tom McNally is to embark on a double Atlantic crossing in his self-built 3 foot 10 inch boat, named ‘Big C’.

‘I hate the “bathtub sailor” tag’, he told YM. ‘but I don’t mind being called mad – because who wants to be normal anyway!’

Tom is to set off from Cadiz before crossing the Atlantic. He will spend some time sailing in the Americas before sailing home, a total of 10,000 miles in order to raise money for Sail 4 Cancer. Tom has previously completed Atlantic crossings in a variety of tiny craft, his last boat being 5 foot 4 and a half inches.

Keep an eye on the pages of Yachting Monthly for more news of Tom and his ambitious project.

Image: Tom building his previous boat, Vera Hugh. (Courtesy NGP Productions)