Dee Caffari will be guest speaker at the Northshore Owners Dinner

Celebrating her recent record breaking solo passage; around the world the wrong way in 178 days, Dee Caffari will be guest speaker at the Northshore Owners Dinner, this year at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, Southampton.

Southerly, Fisher and Vancouver Owners can listen to Caffari’s account of her epic solo non-stop 29,100 mile voyage against prevailing winds and currents. Southerly yacht designer Rob Humphreys, also designed the 72 ft Aviva Challenge over 10 years ago, in which Caffari set this amazing achievement.

Northshore Owners can apply for tickets to the Annual Owners Dinner on Saturday 23rd September and enjoy a champagne reception, overlooking the picturesque River Hamble, followed by a three course meal and an entertaining ‘after dinner’ talk from Dee. Numbers are limited to 180 guests.

Honorary guests; world renown yacht designers, Rob Humphreys and Jason Ker, as well as Owen Parker (the late Ted Heath’s skipper) are invited to this special evening, during the Southampton Boat Show where the new ‘twin wheeled’ Southerly 42RST and New Southerly 46RS are making their World Premieres.

For further information contact Northshore Yachts Ltd on 44 (0)1243 512611 or visit