But it's Christmas at home for Caffari

Yachting Monthly caught up with Dee Caffari yesterday to talk about her plans for the new year. Recently returned from the Tasmania Challenge, a gruelling adventure race combining cross-country, trekking, mountain biking and kayaking, Dee certainly isn’t resting on her laurels just yet.

The 32-year-old’s sailing ambitions have grown from a childhood spent cruising the River Thames on her father’s Fairline 40. She now plans to make an eastabouts solo circumnavigation in an Open 60, which would make her the only woman in history to sail solo both ways round the world. Dee commented:

‘I’d love to step up a level of sailing, and my current aim is to do a circumnavigation therightway round; I’m getting dizzy of going the wrong way all the time! ‘The most difficult part of any solo project is getting to the startline, and I’m working very hard at the moment to put a sponsorship deal and boat together.’

But Dee’s hanging up her sailing boots for this winter at least, and concentrating on Christmas stockings instead:

‘Watching what Alex and Mike have been facing in the Southern Ocean makes me feel very fortunate to be at home this Christmas. I’t’s my first winter in the UK for seven years – the last time I was at home for Christmas with my Mum, sister and her family in Chesham, Bucks, it was 1999! I’m enjoying present shopping this year.’

Dee has joined the WD-40 Dream Team, a problem-solving squad who are on hand to offer tips and advice on everyday problems. The multi-purpose spray has over 2000 uses: for more information log onto www.wd40.co.uk