The RYA have issued an update to advise boaters on the implications of new radar regulations.

The RYA have issued an update to advise boaters on the implications of new radar regulations:

Proposed new radar regulations may result in non-SOLAS (small craft) radar, manufactured before 2012, becoming obsolete after that date, with massive implications for both sail and power craft.

The RYA explained:

“Due to developments in technology, demands on the electromagnetic spectrum have increased. The spectrum space available is narrowing and as a result certain equipment has to be refined to limit transmissions to within the decreasing parameters. It was identified that non-SOLAS radar would need to be modified to comply.”

As a result it was believed that all boat owners would need to replace their by 2012. However, introduction of such new radar technology may adversely affect its compatibility with Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs), RACONs and Radar Target Enhancers (RTEs), all of which operate throughout UK waters and worldwide.

RYA Cruising has since discovered that, at present, there is no statutory reason for current equipment to become obsolete by 2012 as initially thought. This means that, as regulations currently stand, leisure boat owners do not have to update their radar equipment in 2012. Unfortunately, this situation could still change should the Government amend the regulations.

RYA Cruising has pledged to closely monitor the situation and notify us of any further developments.

Further information is available from RYA Cruising by emailing or calling 0845 345 0370