Restored Wayfarer named after stalwart sailing couple Frank and Margaret Dye

A newly restored Wayfarer has been namedNever Say Diein honour of one of sailing’s most famous adventuring couples, Frank and Margaret Dye. Margaret Dye named the vessel on the Maritime Museum’s pontoons at a launch last week.

 Jonathan Griffin, the Museum’s Director explained: ‘Frank and Margaret have done so much to help us bring the Museum to life for our visitors that it is a pleasure to be able to recognise them in some way.’

The Dyes sailed their own Wayfarer dinghy, Wanderer, over 40,000 nautical miles, including ocean passages that took them beyond the Arctic Circle.

Never Say Die, which had been left unused for some time, was given to the Museum’s sailing club by the Falmouth Marine School in 2006.  A band of Museum volunteers scrounged a mast, bought sails at a jumble sale, constructed a tiller and thwarts, and gave her a wash and brush up to make her seaworthy.