Finnish boatbuilder Nautor has delivered hull No.1 of its Swan 45 from its Finnish base in Pietarsaari

Finnish boatbuilder Nautor has delivered hull No.1 of its Swan 45, named La Forza del Destino, from its Finnish base in Pietarsaari. The prototype 45 underwent sea trials in the Solent last month. This German Frers designed model is viewed as a landmark development as it features a luxury interior associated with Nautor’s Swan, inside a performance yacht, and marks a return to roots for Nautor as it revisits the mid-size yacht arena.

With the launch of the Swan 45, comes the advent of Nautor’s first One Design Series. The series will commence in 2003 and will provide an international stage for the Swan 45 to prove its ability on the racecourse as well as on the cruising circuit.

Enrico Chieffi, marketing director for Nautor’s Swan said: “The Swan 45 heralds an exciting time for Nautor, showcasing the development in technology without losing the traditional Swan luxury. Not only will it place Nautor back in the mid-size yacht market, but will also lead the way for Nautor’s first one design class.”

The first Swan 45 Project has been co-ordinated by the One Design Division, Nautor’s new technical division directed by Torkel Talquist.

This yacht was also the first one to be assembled and completed in the Boatbuilding Technology Centre, the new Nautor facility situated in Borgmastargrundet.