ARC gets ready

More than 240 boats and 1,200 people, including 34 children aged under 16, will take part in the 29th Atlantic Rally for cruisers, which sets sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, heading 2700 miles across the Atlantic to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.

The first ARC race left Las Palmas in 1986 and has run ever since. However,a high demand from crews wishing to take part in the rally means that the ARC sailors will have a choice of two routes this year,with the introduction of ARC+ Cape Verde. Two starts are planned, and a fleet of 52 boats will depart Las Palmas marina two weeks ahead of the larger ARC fleet which is 190 boats.

The ARC fleet represents almost every principle sailing nation. This year boats are registered across the globe from Australia , Canada, Italy, Norway, UK, USA and a variety of other nations-making 36 in total. The first fleet will depart on 9th November, the second fleet following behind on the 23rd.

Each year the ACR sailors can choose to compete against each other by comparing the passage times of different types and sizes of cruising boats. However the ARC racing division will be striving to beat the record set in 2013 which is 10 days, 21 hours, 25 minutes and 10 seconds by Max Klink’s Knierim 65 Caro.