Salcombe lifeboat service has been launched nine times in the past four days as holidaying Brits flood to the coast

With a bank holiday backing onto half-term school holidays, plus balmy south coast weather, families have been getting afloat in their masses… and straight into trouble! Salcombe Lifeboats have been called upon nine times in the last four days to come to the aid of anything from serious crew injuries and sea-sickness to missing coastal walkers. On Monday 31st May, their Tyne class ALB (All-weather Lifeboat) went to the aid of a Nicholson 34′ two miles south of the harbour. A lady crewmember had fallen down the companionway hatch, breaking two ribs and damaging her back. Two lifeboatmen boarded the yacht to help the skipper bring the boat to harbour and keep the casualty still.