Cargo vessel sinks a 47-foot fishing vessel, the crew has a lucky escape…

A Port of London Authority (PLA) pilot vessel came to the rescue when five and a half miles north west of Margate, a Greek cargo vessel struck and pushed under the water a 47 foot fishing vessel `Our Sarah Jayne’.

The crewman from the 1973 built Whitstable registered trawler managed to jump into the water at the time of the collision at just after 0130 in the morning. The vessel was struck by the 1977 built 9,500 tonne Greek cargo vessel, `Thelisis’ which was inbound to Tilbury Dock carrying general cargo from Valencia. The collision was severe enough to cause the fishing vessel to roll over and sink almost immediately.

The crew from the PLA pilot boat managed to pick the man up fairly quickly and took him to Ramsgate. Despite being cold and shocked, he declined any further medical treatment and was anxious to get home. Les Drew, Watch Manager at Dover Coastguard said:

“This chap had an extraordinary escape, and it was by good fortune that the pilot vessel was nearby at the time and heard the collision. Our colleagues at Falmouth Coastguard informed us shortly afterwards when the Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) signal was picked up from the EPIRB, which had become detached and floated free from `Our Sarah Jayne’ following the accident.

“The fishing vessel was carrying 500 gallon of diesel at the time of the incident and our counter pollution branch have been informed. Likewise the Marine Accident Investigation Branch who may now investigate the cause of the sinking.”