Wife accused of sinking ex-husbands £90,000 yacht

A WOMAN has been accused of sinking her former husband’s £90,000 luxury cruiser in revenge after their marriage broke down. The High Court will decide whether Mandy Fleming, 45, drilled the holes in the hull of Double Dragon that caused it to sink in Brighton Marina.

The 39ft Princess Flybridge boat, which had a kingsize bed, bar and bath, sank on Valentine’s Day two years ago after three holes were drilled below the waterline. Charges of criminal damage and wilfully endangering life were brought against Mrs Fleming, but were dropped last year due to lack of evidence.

Her former husband, Adam Fleming, 40, of Mitcham, Surrey, has now begun a civil claim against her for £55,000 damages; the burden of proof in a civil case is less onerous than in a criminal case.