£350,000 lifeline for UK's longest wooden pier

The UK’s longest wooden pier has been saved by a £350,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Grade II listed structure, owned by Yarmouth Harbour Commission, has been threatened by worms gradually eroding its main supports.

The grant is a lifeline for the the landmark 609ft-long timber pier, which opened in 1876, helping ensure it continues to be a popular promenade and berth for visiting historic steamships, warding off the threat of closure.

Appeal organisers say that the total restoration bill had climbed to £450,000 and that fundraising will continue. They have set an October start date for work to replace 50 of the pier’s main supports.

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh, who has been heading up the appeal fund, said: ‘Yarmouth Pier is one of the IW’s most cherished landmarks and I’m simply delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund has had the foresight to recognise its iconic status and secure its future. This is really good news.’ Once the work is complete, the town will host a reopening show, including theatre and music inspired by the history of the pier.