On the Embankment

Londoners are now able to join a sailing club without the usual hassle of elite London ‘closed’ clubs who insist on new members getting referred in by existing members.

Set-up in January this year, The London Sailing Club now has over 150 members and have a full calendar of Yacht, Dinghy and social events.

Trips so fair this year have included chartering 37ft Beneteau yachts and visiting Yarmouth, Cowes & Chichister as well as some racing in the Solent.

“A lot of people think that sailing is an expensive sport for the elite, we’re proving that it’s not.”

The club was founded by young entrepreneur Duncan Malcolm who was finding it hard to find people to go sailing with.  His goal is to make sailing more accessible and follow his passion of the seas.

“This was born of a want and need to go sailing regularly which simply wasn’t possible with my immediate friend group. We now have an awesome group of sailors of all ages from complete novice to very experienced.

We are always on the lookout for good charter companies as well as anyone who needs some extra crew for their sailing trip.”

London Sailing Club run monthly new member meetings on the last Tuesday of every month near Embankment in London.
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