Show's a no go for 2008

Plans for a Liverpool Boat Show have been put on hold because a suitable venue cannot be found.

National Boat Shows (NBS), organiser of the London and Southampton Boat Shows, has been exploring the prospect of putting on a brand new boat show in Liverpool.  However a suitable show site that would deliver the necessary requirements is not available for a launch in 2008. 

NBS says that research from public and marine companies suggests that a Liverpool Boat Show would be a welcome addition to the UK’s boating calendar and it is continuing to research the project. 

James Gower, Director of Marketing at National Boat Shows said: “We are still very interested in bringing a world-class Boat Show to Liverpool. However, to make it the best-possible show we are unfortunately unable to launch next year.

“We are currently researching various location options for the future.  We’ve been delighted with the warm response we’ve received from the City and official bodies, and look forward to working with them again soon.  By allowing more time we hope to create a fantastic show for Liverpool and the wider region.”