Tense passage for crew of historic yacht

The crew ofLively Ladyhas spent a nervous week traversing the Gulf of Aden.

Following the much publicised capture of the superyachtLe Ponanttwo weeks ago,Lively Lady’s crew have been running without lights at night, keeping radio silence and have taken a seventy mile detour to avoid detection.

Skipper Alan Priddy told the Portsmouth News that, “Without question this has been the most stressful 10 days of the entire voyage.” The crew used radar to keep clear of any craft in the area, but on one occasion got a little too close for comfort. On their online journal one of the crew wrote, “The other day there were 2 fishing boats stalking us all morning, we did start to think they could be pirates but it turned out to be one towing another because it had broken down and was making about the same speed as we were. They were obviously going to the same destination but having been on alert for a long time, anything makes you suspicious.”

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