Second time lucky for anticlockwise island circumnavigation?

Kite surfer Chris Bull is to attempt to circumnavigate the Isle Of Wight by kite surfing anticlockwise around the island, and is hoping to find favourable conditions in the next two weeks.

Although Chris very nearly circumnavigated the island in 2004, the wind suddenly changed direction right at the end, which hampered his attempt. As yet, no one has achieved this feat, meaning that the attempt, if successful, will be a first.

Chris comments: “Its well over 90km around the island and it’s going to be very difficult to achieve, due to lots of varying conditions with wind speed, wind quality, tide, currents and navigating around the island, plus the physical endurance of kite surfing for over six hours.”

As well as hoping to sail into the record books, Chris is also using the challenge to raise money for the RNLI