Expedition leader passes stones in Pacific Ocean

The skipper of the Talisker Bounty Boat, the expedition following in the footsteps of William Bligh when cast adrift from the Bounty, is suffering from kidney stones in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Don McIntyre first felt the early signs of the condition, which he has twice previously experienced, approximately 700 miles from the Great Barrier Reef.

After three hours of excruciating pain, Don contacted the emergency support team for medical advice.

The crew unlocked the first-aid kit to access suppositories and Morphine, before Don passed three stones in quick succession.

Don described the experience as ‘looking at the world through the eyes of a condemned man’.

But 24 hours later the pain returned, as Don passed another three stones.

Kidney stones is just the latest injury endured on board by the Australian expedition leader.

He suffered severe bruising and a dislocated toe in a knock-down earlier in the expedition and a gash on his knee on launch day.

The crew are undertaking the trip to raise money for the Sheffield Institute Foundation, a motor neurone disease charity.