Free demonstrations at Southampton Boat Show

Joystick Sailing Systems will be available for demonstration from 15-24 September at the Southampton Boat Show. Traditionally used onboard Superyachts, joystick sail control techonology has now been modified for use on smaller boats, from 35 to 55ft (11 to17m).

The system is relatively simple, using two automatic joysticks to control the mainsail and genoa, sails can be furled or unfurled, sheeted in and out and trimmed at the touch of a button. A simplified electro-hydraulic package supplies the power required, enabling extremely low-effort sailing.

The system will no doubt be of interest to short-handed, disabled and techno-loving sailors… as long as they have deep pockets. With a guide price of £17,750 exc. vat, joystick sailing will have to get a lot cheaper if it’s to catch on amongst the cruising ranks. Still, you can try before you buy, so why not book your place for a Boat Show demo at: