614 miles in a day

Francis Joyon onboard the IDEC trimaran has broken the singlehanded 24 hour distance record, after covering 614nm at an average speed of 25.9 knots. The record is subject to ratification from the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). The previous best distance was set last year at 610.45nm by Yvan Bourgnon onboard Brossard (average speed of 25.76 knots).

So far Joyon’s passage across the Indian Ocean has been remarkable. As he entered his 19th day at sea, Joyon was 1,960nm ahead of Ellen MacArthur’s pace for the solo round the world record. He is just about to pass the Kerguelen archipelago, with Cape Leeuwin the next big marker after that.

However, Joyon is expecting his incredible pace to drop off somewhat soon, as the weather changes. This at least will offer him an opportunity to try and get some rest and recuperate.