Strong winds up the ante in the Atlantic

Wed 15 Nov
‘Rock and Roll’

No time to write yesterday, as the weather kicked in big time. First squalls hit with typical timing in the afternoon, just as we’d peeled from medium to lightweight spinnaker. A gust wrapped it round the forestay, and, before anyone had time to try and pull it out, it wrapped round again. We spent the night storming towards Barbados in exciting conditions, phosphorescence glimmering in our wake.

The wave passed after a few hours, but the wind is still 20-28kts and we’ve had 15ft of swell to surf all day, so having a real sleigh ride. Had a blast helming this morning, and am the proud holder of a new boat speed record – 19.8 kts!!! We’ve come up from the back on the rest of the fleet, too, overtaking Juno yesterday and Isis today. Still 60nm behind Minerva and we’d be lucky to catch her, but it’s all still to play for.

Although Juno managed to stage a wedding to celebrate their half way point, out Pirates of the Atlantic party had to be postponed for obvious reasons, so we’re having a ‘nearly there’ party on Friday instead. We’ve all bet on a sweepstake for arrival time – my bets an optimistic 2230 on Sunday evening. We’re certainly getting closer to the rum…

Sam and S.O.D crew