Sailor arrives in Guadeloupe after 13 days at sea

Italian sailor and adventurer Vittorio Malingri arrived in Guadeloupe on Monday, 13 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes after leaving Dakar, Senegal.

He’d crossed the Atlantic alone, in a purpose-built 20 foot beach cat. “From a physical point of view, it was much less difficult than a leg on an around the world race in a larger boat,” Malingri told Latitude 38 upon reaching Guadeloupe. “Now I am going to sleep in a bed. See you later.”

“It was a wonderful experience regardless of the difficulties and problems that I encountered,” Malingri added. “The boat worked marvelously, apart from the problems I had with the solar panels that affected my energy supply and therefore the functioning of the automatic pilot and phones. The biggest problem is that I had to do everything with only one hand; with the automatic pilot out, my other hand was needed on the steering. At night, for short intervals, I tied off the rudder in order to rest.”