Spanish authorities have arrested 72 people for issuing fraudulent RYA International Certificates of Competence (ICC) in the Balearics and mainland Spain

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and Spanish authorities are celebrating the success of a year long operation to identify and arrest rogue operators in the Balearics and mainland Spain responsible for issuing false certification.

The Guardia Civil has detained 72 people connected with the fraud, after working closely with the RYA in the enquiry after an RYA investigation in 2001 found that there were questions surrounding the issue of a number of certificates. Several companies were identified, monitored and action taken against with detentions in the Balearics, Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona. In total 106 ICC (International Certificate of Competence) and 4 Yachtmaster Offshore Certificates were issued fraudulently by several rogue companies.

James Stevens RYA Training Manager said this morning “RYA courses and certificates are renowned throughout the world and indicate that the bearer has been trained and examined to the highest standards. If a person is being issued a certificate who has little or no boating experience the implications for the safety of other boat users are concerning. Experience of handling the craft in varied conditions and knowing how to cope in an emergency is paramount and cannot be gained by paying a great deal of money for a false certificate. Boat users would be better off investing the money in the correct training, making their boating activities as fun and trouble free as they should be.”

If anyone is considering completing RYA training in this country or abroad and is unsure as to the legitimacy of the Training Centre, the RYA website provides a comprehensive list.