Open 60's repairs near completion

Alex Thomson’s 25-man team are making good progress with the repairs to the damaged Open 60, and are fairly confident that the boat will be sailing again on the 1st November.

Bulkhead repairs are now all done and the final internal fastenings are being added to the hull. The team remain on target for final painting and post-cure tomorrow night with the doors opening for the trip to the port at 0700hrs Friday.

The mast has had its final lamination and is now being cooked to perfection. Once complete, the only evidence that anything has changed will be a slight bulge where the join is (think ‘very tall ostrich that has swallowed one of its own eggs’). The new standing rigging is on order and should arrive tomorrow, ready for fitting on Friday morning.
The mainsail is having a final once over and main halyard block is in place. Logistically everything is coming together despite the incredibly tight deadlines. A detailed plan of military precision is in place for Friday to ensure the boat is transferred safely to the commercial port, keel and rig attached ready for a relaunch on Saturday.

Pic: The team at work earlier in the week. The hole is now filled!

Vendée Globe