Sam Davies on a mission and home life at 17 knots

Sam Davies (Roxy) in her daily message from Saturday

“Finally, Roxy and I have found the wind, and we’re off again! But now I can feel that Marco on Safran is snapping at our heels as he had a nice run to catch me up whilst I was parked in the no-wind at the ice gate!

We’re on to it: mission to give him a hard time to get past! Safran is a beautiful boat, a “missile”, and is faster than Roxy, but I’m going to try very hard to stay in front!! And I know Marco will be trying very hard to get past! Now the wind is back, strong and stable, I have less manoeuvring and trimming to do, so I am “chilling out” “at home” at my chart table drinking a cup of tea whilst Roxy sails at a 17kt average. I thought I’d try to describe “home” to you:

On my chart table there is:
My Jean-Yves Bernot “weather bible”, a list of phone numbers for everyone (laminated), my (pink) i-pod, my book, my log-book, Lucky and Foxy, my handle-less mug, and the keyboard and mouse. There are a few pockets to the sides. In those are:my camera, video cam equipment, a bottle of water, Hairbrush, toothbrush toothpaste, face cream, hand cream, antiseptic cream…, hair elastics, mirror, babywipes, a sports towel, torch, headtorch, nke manual, vitamin tablets, rubix cube (still jumbled), volt-meter, binoculars, wool (for the spi), woolly hat, first aid essentials..

On the “dashboard” (where the instruments are) I’ve got photos (my family, friends, cheri, cats..), other cards and stickers, and I’ve written a few things that remind me of stuff or motivate me…. and there is a pair of tweezers (girl-essential), and my sunglasses, and stuck to the left is my Adrena Sailect sail crossover chart. Everything else is stacked to windward, in the toboggans that slide from side to side, and in stacking bags.

My oilskins hang up, with the wettest ones “plugged in” to my “hairdryer” (which blows the hot air from the motor) and my boots and ski mask are in a net on the ceiling. So Roxy is pretty neat and tidy! There are a few leaks (nothing major) so the floor is a bit damp here and there. I’m good with a sponge and bucket now! I think that’s pretty normal out here!

She smells of roses (like any girls boat) and is a pretty comfortable place to live really…”