Ship will retrace Bligh's 220 Year-Old Footsteps

First famous for the 1789 mutiny between Captain Bligh and Master Mate Fletcher Christian in the South Pacific,HMS Bountycontinues to make history. Re-created in 1960 by MGM for the 1962 movie,Mutiny on the Bounty, the 46-year old, three-masted sailing ship is to hit the high seas to replicate her namesake’s journey.

In 1787, Lieutenant William Bligh and his crew sailed the newly commissioned His Majesty’s Armed Vessel (HMAV) Bounty from Spithead to the Pacific Island of Tahiti to obtain breadfruits. After almost ten months on board, an arduous passage, and six months in Tahiti to await the breadfruit-growing season, the crew mutinied to remain rather than return to England and a life of servitude at sea.

Two hundred and twenty years later, the modern Bounty will embark from Spithead on September 30 2007 for Tahiti, where she will arrive in time for the 220th anniversary of Bounty’s first arrival in October 1788.