Quadriplegic solo channel sailor announces plans to circumnavigate UK alone

34-year-old quadriplegic Hilary Lister is only able to move her head, but that didn’t stop her from sailing into the record books when she sailed solo across the English Channel in August last year, using a ‘sip and puff’ system of straws to control the sails and tiller. (pictured)

Now Hilary has a new dream – to sail around the British Isles. Hilary and her team are now making plans to attempt this in the summer of 2007. This will involve venturing both into the North Sea and the Irish Sea. Her plan is to sail from port to port around the coast. Hilary is backed by Pindar, and her new boat is being supplied by Artemis – the Artemis 20 was unveiled recently at this year’s Southampton Boat Show. Hilary’s version will be specially adapted to suit her needs on the long trip.