Big tri sandwiched between high and low pressure

Still sailing along the southern edge of the Saint Helena High, the giant trimaran is benefiting from the effects of a low, circulating at 55° South. To remain in these favourable conditions, which is enabling Groupama 3 to benefit from fairly smooth seas and a steady wind, the crew had to put in several gybes over the weekend – with the intention of staying between the high pressure to port, and the low pressure to starboard, along a 1015 mb isobar situated at 38°30 South.

As a result conditions are still very manageable in terms of racking up some fine days like that of yesterday, where they recorded 640 miles at an average of over 26 knots.

Each gybe to the South causes them to lose ground in relation to Orange II (the latter still over 600 miles behind), but these manoeuvres are unavoidable if Groupama 3 is to maintain a good wind angle. The Saint Helena High extends as far as the South of the Cape of Good Hope, from where the trimaran will rapidly be able to continue its course towards the Indian Ocean, which it is likely to reach from Wednesday…

For more news and a position map, visit the Cammas-Groupama website.