Coastguard rescues Solent woman in heavy weather

RNLI crews and a coastguard helicopter battled gales to lift an unconscious woman off a yacht in the Solent yesterday afternoon. The incident began at 13:50hrs when Solent Coastguard received a call from yacht Sea Biscuit.

Bembridge and The Needles coastguard rescue teams were called out along with the Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat and the coastguard India Juliet helicopter. In F8 winds and heavy seas, the lifeboat transferred a crew member to the yacht, who brought her round to head into the wind so the helicopter could winch the woman, 35, off the deck.

Although unconscious, she was otherwise uninjured. Solent Coastguard watch manager Mike O’Sullivan thanked the RNLI for their seamanship in such rough conditions and for helping to resolve the situation.