Pete Goss has abondoned has giant catamaran during a mid-Atlantic storm. Will Team Philips ever sail again?

Pete Goss and his six man crew abandoned their giant catamaran when the vessel lost steering ability. Team Philips had just completed its 2,500 mile Atlantic qualifying passage when sustained heavy weather led to serious damage to the cat’s central pod.

Steering mechanisms were seriously effected and Goss took the decision to put out a Mayday while he was still in the vicinity of shipping lanes and a possible rescue. His alternative was to run before the wind, away from help and towards another massive depression.

A container ship diverted 200 miles to meet Team Philips and lines were put on board. The seven yachstmen then had to jump into the sea in their survival suits and be dragged through the water to safety. No-one was harmed.

The ship is now en-route to Nova Scotia leaving Team Philips, and Goss’s hopes of competing in The Race, in its wake.

Salvage of the yacht is now being organised and sponsors are considering their positions.