Fleet of yachts rendezvous on the site of the Battle of Trafalgar to commemorate its 200th Anniversary

David Blacklaws of Oyster Marine Ltd writes of a moving rendezvous involving 28 Oyster yachts afloat on the site of the Battle of Trafalgar, 200 years to the day in beautiful sunshine and light winds – almost exactly as they had on the day of the battle:
‘We were accompanied by Gipsy Moth IV and the TS Lord Nelson, a steel square rigger, used by disabled sailors. The Lord Nelson’s lack of maneouverability without engine highlighted the way ships of Nelson’s era must have found themselves that day.
‘There were VHF radio readings about the battle at the chime of each bell in the morning watch. Nelson’s Prayer was recited and all yachts hoisted flags on the minute to coincide with Nelson’s famous signal ‘England expects…’. Wreaths were cast onto the sea whilst guns were fired on the shore 12 miles away. ‘
A Trafalgar black tie dinner ashore in the evening concluded a four-day rally based in Puerto Sherry, close to Cadiz.