Winds of change for young Moth sailor

For 18-year-old Peter Heggie, sailing on board Gipsy Moth IV for the first leg of her voyage marked not only the chance of a lifetime but the start of a new career. Returning to Plymouth from his first taste of life at sea, Peter was hooked. He continued his A-level studies but was eager to get into the world of ocean racing. It wasn’t long before he contacted Gipsy Moth Oceans Advisor Conrad Humphreys, whom he had met during the yacht’s departure celebrations in September 2005.

Humphreys gave Peter a summer work placement, which he is currently completing. Inspired to further his maritime career, Peter has now enrolled in a Merchant Shipping course beginning at the University of Plymouth next month, and plans to continue working for Conrad Humphreys Racing in his spare time.

Speaking about life since his first voyage, Peter said: ‘it’s been awesome… without Gipsy Moth IV I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now! The yacht is currently heading North from Mooloolaba to Hamilton Island under the charge of latest skipper Simon Hay.