Playstation is forced to stop after sail failure

” Everything is calm, very quiet night out at sea ” announced Denis Horeau, one of the two race directors of The Race this morning, as the competition entered into its 3rd day.

Team Adventure, Club Med and Innovation Explorer have passed Gibraltar and are now on a port tack opposite Rabat (Morocco).

PlayStation made a pitstop at 17h30 yesterday evening in Gibraltar to change her mainsail after having torn the clew of the first reef point. The American boat1s assistance container left Barcelona at 16 h 30 by truck and was transported overnight to the port of Gibraltar.

Don’t forget that under the rules, making this pitstop means that Playstation will be neutralised for at least 48 hours, although changing the mainsail itself will only take a matter of hours.

Warta Polpharma and Team Legato are still in the Mediterranean lying respectively 150 and 244 miles from Gibraltar. The Polish boat is also planning to stop to repair her Inmarsat B which has stopped working. This stop does not expose her to any penalty in so far as the boat is not going to receive any outside assistance. Roman’s crew must not set foot on dry land, only the France Télécom technicians shall be allowed on board in order to repair the defective transmitter. Roman Paszke has requested the International Jury to award him the time concerned by this call-in. Ruling to followS

As for Team Legato, an e-mail sent to the Race Directors informed us that “everything was going fine until 22h00 when we heard a loud noise out on deck to find the mainsail had come down onto the boom between the lazy jacks. Looks like we have a problem with the head and so we are going to wait for Fredrickson and Carbospars to analyse the situation before making any decision2. At the time of writing, we have no further information about what Tony Bullimore is intending to do.

Gilles Chiorri from Météo Consult informs us that ” weather conditions are becoming increasingly anti-cyclonic, with the winds becoming noticeably lighter. The wind will change direction turning progressively south-westerly, force 3 to 4 “.