Daydreaming is about as close as most of us are getting to sailing at the moment, but now is the moment to start planning to make them come true. Theo Stocker introduces the March 2021 issue of Yachting Monthly

Have you spent at least a few moments over winter dreaming (or planning) of sailing off into the sunset and escaping the strictures of lockdown’s hibernal chill? I have. It was a welcome tonic to read William Thomson’s account of how understanding the night sky, even without a sextant, can enhance our navigation and feed our souls. It brought to mind the memory of one particular night mid-Atlantic. Above us the sky was extravagantly daubed with the Milky Way, while below us exploded a constellation of bioluminescence, mirroring the stars. Oh, to be back at sea.

Dreaming is not enough, however, if we actually want to set sail. Planning is required. Practical application is required to decide on a destination, a departure date, and a detailed plan. If an Atlantic circuit is your dream, we have a wealth of advice from ocean sailors who have done just that, whether you want to go in your own boat or are searching for the right vessel. Much of their experience also holds true for more local voyages beyond your usual cruising grounds.

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Atlantic circuit

How to sail an Atlantic circuit

Sam and Alexandra Fortescue share the knowledge and experience they gained on a one-year Atlantic circuit from the UK to…

Combine their gumption and planning with a bold imagination and who knows what outlandish voyage might unfurl before you. If you’re looking for inspiration, our list of 25 modern-day cruising heroes and their tales of adventures both great and small might just spur you on to follow suit.

Clearly, spinning a good yarn is an essential skill for any seafarer, from Jason’s Argonauts to Conrad’s Marlow. Our motley pantheon is no different, save that their stories of marvels and monsters unfold in magazines, blogs and videos. If we’ve missed anyone, we would love to hear who you have been inspired by.


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