Rescued sailor recovering in Perth hospital

Back in Australia, the frigate HMAS Arunta with rescued sailor Yann Elies aboard arrived in Fremantle this morning at 3h10 GMT. Elies was met by members of the Generali team before being immediately transferred to the Royal Perth Hospital.
Generali’s Jean-Baptiste Epron reported: “The Arunta moored up just after 0300h. We spent five minutes with Yann before he was taken off. He is in a suit which protects his chest and leg. He is talking very slowly due to the medicine. The medical team are with him and the captain came to say goodbye. Yann thanked him and they agreed to see each other when he is better. You could tell that he cannot stand moving and is still suffering in spite of the medicine. It’s not easy leaving him like that. With Philippe [Laot, Team Generali’s technical director], we’ll be setting off in a few hours to recover his boat, so that will be one thing less to worry about.”