Help needed for Biscay crossing

Noted Old Salt Jack Gush is looking for an able pair of hands to help him deliver his Rival 32 to La Coruña.

He’s just bought the boat in Wales and the former owner is helping with the delivery from Cardiff to Brest. Jack will potter his way down the Brittany coast but what he needs is crew to help him stand watches on the onwards passage from Brittany to La Coruña.

Jack is happy to take on all the onboard expenses but you will need to get yourself out to the boat (you can arrange the rendezvous with Jack) and back from La Coruña.

If you’re an experienced offshore sailor and ready to take on the iconic Bay of Biscay in a well-found, sea-kindly boat with a unique character who has a story for every one of the tens of thousands of miles he’s sailed, let us know on or call 020 3148 4872 and we’ll forward your details to Jack.