Bomb disposal firm will accept flares from competitors and non-competitors

Out-of-date flares can be delivered to a temporary disposal area on Cowes Town Quay on Friday 10 August between 3pm and 8pm.

The disposal area is being set up by Ramora UK, one of the UK’s leading bomb disposal companies, for sailors taking part in Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.

Regatta participants can hand in out-of-date flares free of charge, if they can show their Competitor Card.

Non-competitors can also make use of the service for a fee of £1.50 per flare, by prior arrangement through the Regatta Centre.

A maximum of 12 flares per person can be disposed (including competitors). Larger quantities may be handed-in, but by prior agreement only.

The disposal area will be next to Cowes Harbour Commission offices.

The disposal of out-of-date flares is a growing problem for sailors who face severe penalties if they fail to follow the correct procedures. As it did last year, Ramora UK is offering a safe, legal solution to the problem.
David Welch, Ramora UK’s managing director, said: ‘Following the success of our initiative at last year’s regatta, we’re delighted to be able to offer this service again. We appreciate what a problem out-of-date flares can be for sailors and other boating enthusiasts but they are potentially hazardous which is why they do require expert disposal.’

Stuart Quarrie, CEO for regatta organisers Cowes Week Limited, added: ‘Last year’s “flare amnesty” proved really popular and we’re delighted that Ramora UK are working with us once again to provide an easy way of disposing of out-of-date flares for our many competitors.’