Falmouth Coastguard coordinate rescue of dismasted 32-footer

Falmouth Coastguard has completed a five-day rescue operation of a 32ft yacht that was dismasted in the Atlantic.

Sparrow, a German vessel, collided with a fishing vessel on December 4 400 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands.

She lost her mast, was holed above the waterline and did not have the fuel to make it to the archipelago.

The coastguard located a bulk carrier, AS Venetia, who diverted to Sparrow and refuelled her.

Assistance was required once more while the boat motored to the Cape Verde, when a crew member fell ill.

Via a satellite broadcast a doctor from Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, supplied medical information and a container vessel, Loa, provided the crew with medical supplies.

Sparrow has now made landfall.

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