Dodge Morgan suffers complications with cancer surgery

The first American to sail around the world without stopping has died of cancer aged 78.

Dodge Morgan made his circumnavigation in 1986 in the 60-footer American Promise, taking 150 days, one hour and six minutes to beat the record that had been held by Chay Blyth for 15 years.

He was the fourth person in history to complete such a voyage.

According to Ted Hood, who designed Morgan’s boat, the record was set despite the boat being ‘designed for sturdiness, not speed’ with two of everything, including a spare generator and a spare rudder.

In 1985 before he set sail Morgan said: ‘Various people in this world have chosen to put themselves close to the edge, either intellectually, emotionally or physically.

‘This is my way of doing it. It may be an overdone way, but sailing a boat alone is such an uncomplicated way to stay on the edge.

‘I think it allows you to sort out what is important in life. I think there are a lot of overcivilized people out there drinking coffee out of a Wedgwood cup.’

Morgan also served in the Air Force, graduated Boston University and turned his small marine radar company into the successful Whistler brand, which he sold in 1983 for around $32million.

He died last Tuesday at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, after complications with surgery.

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