Mechanical failure forces retirement

Scotsman Scott Turner has become the first Jester Challenge participant to retire from the event.

The 24-strong fleet left Plymouth on Sunday bound for Newport, America in yachts smaller than 30 foot.

Jon Margarson currently heads the fleet in his Beneteau Figaro One, Fluffy.

But unfortunately Turner’s 30-year-old Gunnerson self-steering (pictured) suffered irreparable damage in a storm and he had to turn back to Britain.

He arrived back in Plymouth this morning on his Westerly Club Cruiser, Altamira.

His wife, Lorraine said: ‘I haven’t had a chance to speak to him myself, but he has phoned home and spoke to Nicole (his 15-year-old daughter) saying that after a storm his self steering has broke and he needs to turn back.

‘Obviously he is extremely upset and disappointed. This is a major piece of equipment and must be unrepairable for Scott to turn his boat around.

‘It has been 3 years in planning, preparation and a lot of expense and for it all to end like this is heartbreaking.’