A fire aboard a yacht in Poole Harbour has highlighted the need for extra caution around marine petrol engines.

Portland Coastguard has warned boaters to exercise extra caution around petrol engines as the weather gets warmer. This follows an incident last week involving a fire aboard the yacht ‘Circle Game’.

The fire is believed to have started after the fuel tank filler cap was removed by a crewmember. The yacht was fitted with a petrol engine, and it is thought the fumes were somehow ignited.

Portland Coastguard received a call from Poole Harbour on the morning of May 30 notifying them of the emergency. Poole Lifeboats were asked to assist the burning vessel and sent both their all-weather and inshore (pictured) lifeboats. After the six crewmembers were taken off by the harbour launch, the lifeboats succeeded in dowsing the flames using on-board fire fighting equipment. Also on the scene were the Poole Coastguard rescue team and the Dorset Police launch ‘Alarm’.