Roxy reefed in 4 knots of wind

While her fellow countryman are preparing for what is being forecast as the worst storm of the 2008-09 Vendee Globe around-the-world yacht race, Sam Davies, the leading Briton in the race is having to cope with fickle wind conditions. Davies, 34, onboardRoxyrounded Cape Horn at the start of the week and is sailing north in the coast of Brazil.

‘Here, conditions are very very changeable! At the moment there are just 4 knots of wind (downwind), but only a few hours ago there were 40 (upwind)! This has left a bit of tricky sea-state and for most of the afternoon and evening I had to slow Roxy down as she was flying off the waves that were coming in the wrong direction! Very frustrating. Right now, the sea is still bad, so I have taken a reef in the main to prevent the sail from shaking the rig around too much as it “clack clacks” in the swell! Its the first time I’ve reefed in 4 knots of wind!Hopefully this calm patch will only last a few hours and we will pick up some Westerlies again in the morning. I’m not complaining at all, when I know that Dee, Brian and Cali are enduring the worst storm of the race at Cape Horn. My thoughts go out for them at this difficult moment in the race, and I hope they find adequate shelter and that the storm doesn’t do any damage.”