Bird of prey recruited to scare seagulls

It may be 18 months until the sailors are selected for the London 2012 Olympics, but the first member of Team GBR has already been announced.

A Peregrine Falcon was enlisted during the recent Sail for Gold regatta at the Olympic venue in Weymouth to scare away seagulls and ensure the sailors got a good night’s sleep.

And that proved such a success that Felix the Falcon has been asked to become a regular part of the team in the run up to the games.

Team manager Stephen Park (pictured above with Felix the Falcon and Olympic hopeful Giles Scott), said: ‘Felix will have to deliver a consistent performance to guarantee his place in Weymouth in 2012.

‘Seagulls are a natural part of the seaside environment, but the sheer quantity of them
around our accommodation block is a problem for us.

‘Felix will have his work cut out to ensure the sailors’ sleep isn’t disturbed. If he does
his job well, his place on the team is assured.’

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