It's all change for the entry fees to Cowes Week 2004

Historically the entry fee structure for Cowes Week has been very complex and used to be based on an estimate of the crew numbers. However, this year it has been simplified with a huge reduction in the number of different levels of entry fee. This means that some classes will see a reduction in their fees from last year whilst others will have an increase.

CCC had hoped to be able to keep the level of entry fees static. However, ISAF has stopped event organisers from charging differential fees for boats that carry advertising.

This left CCC with a large black hole in its budget that would have meant increasing fees by over 10% just to stay still. CCC and Skandia decided that this level of fee increase was not going to be acceptable to the majority of non-advertising boats and have therefore agreed to swallow over half the losses. Despite this, CCC has had to increase fees by an average of 5% and says it hopes that all competitors will understand. However, if they feel agrieved they should write to ISAF.

CCC also suggests that corporate entries might like to donate at least part of the savings that the ISAF ruling has brought them to the official Skandia Cowes Week charity, Sail 4 Cancer. (