Alec Rose's old boat in 2nd circumnavigation

The historic yacht Lively Lady is en route to Egypt, due to arrive at the beginning of May following a three week sail from India. This leg crosses the Arabian Sea before the yacht heads into the Gulf of Aden and up into the Red Sea to reach the Suez Canal.

Lively Lady is the historic wooden sailing boat that was sailed from Britain to Australia and back in 1968 by greengrocer, Sir Alec Rose. Now, Lively Lady is being sailed around the world by a crew of adults and young people, as part of a project to help disadvantaged young adults realise their potential.

The vessel is due to arrive at Port Ghalib before heading to Abu Tig Marina for a stopover of around five days, due to arrive there around 6th May. While in port, the boat will be visited by Eastern Electronics, the long standing sales and service agent for Raymarine. After that, Lively Lady will travel through the Suez Canal before heading across the Mediterranean Sea to Valetta, Malta.

The adventures of those onboard are being followed by people across the globe via the dedicated Lively Lady website ( ). Since the yacht left the UK at the end of July in 2006 the 14 skippers and 30 young adults who have taken part so far, have sailed their way across the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The project has been sponsored by marine electronics manufacturer Raymarine which is headquartered in Portsmouth, England – the city in which Sir Alec Rose lived and worked. When Sir Alec Rose bequeathed the boat to the city of Portsmouth, he intended that she should be used to help disadvantaged young adults realise their potential.

The Raymarine Lively Lady Project is headed up by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy who was inspired as a child by Sir Alec Rose. With the Raymarine Lively Lady Project, Alan is continuing this legacy, creating an exciting challenge which will see the boat returning to Portsmouth UK on 5 July 2008, having spent approximately 260 days at sea covering more than 28,000 nautical miles.