'We don't want your help', says National Boat Shows

The British Marine Federation has rejected an offer of support from the new Earls Court Boat Show.

‘Thanks but no thanks’ was the message that came from the BMF, organisers of the ExCel and Southampton Boat Shows.

In an open letter from BMF head, Rob Stevens, to James Brooke, MD of Earls Court Boat Show, the offer was firmly but politely declined.

Stevens said that BMF members believed that there was ‘simply not room for two London shows’.

He emphasised the fact that earnings from the ExCel and Southampton shows were reinvested in the industry in the form of training, promotion and governmental lobbying.

The ‘support’ could have taken different forms, including a percentage of ticket sales or free space within the show.

In making the offer of support, Brooke had stated: ‘It has always been our intention to ensure we make a positive and direct contribution to the welfare of the British Marine Industry.’

The Earls Court Show runs from 1-9 December 2007.

The ExCel show takes place 11-20 January 2008.