Couple on trial for selling 'uncatchable' speedboats to smugglers

A couple sold “uncatchable” speedboats to drug smugglers while running a seemingly reputable boat-building business that counted the police among its customers, Ipswich Crown Court was told yesterday. The £350,000 boats could exceed 70mph and boasted of low radar signature. Many were painted grey or black to make them less visible in water.

The couple are accused of modifying the RIBS to make space for up to six tonnes of drugs. The prosecution alleges they knew that their clients included smugglers who trafficked drugs between Africa and Spain.

When police searched the couple’s home in Lowestoft, Suffolk, they found £1.2 million in cash stuffed in holdalls and hidden in cupboards and under the stairs. A further ?1 million (£657,000) and £39,000 in cash was later found. They allegedly found plans for a 108ft (33m) boat that was big enough to carry five smaller boats. It was never built.

The trial continues.