Devon's Appledore shipyard has won the contract for an 80m superyacht. The yard was rescued from receivership last February by DML

Appledore Shipbuilders, based in Appledore, North Devon, have won a contract to design and build an 80m (262ft) superyacht. The project will provide work for more than 40 engineers and up to 100 construction staff over the course of a year.

The deal is a welcome shot in the arm for Appledore, who went into receivership last September. The yard has since been bought by DML, who run Plymouth’s Devonport Dockyard. DML has suggested in the past that it would consider using Appledore as a base for building specialist vessels such as military ships and superyachts.

Although the 140 jobs provided by the contract fall far short of the 550 people employed before the yard went into receivership, staff commented that it is a better alternative than a closed shipyard.

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