Fast multihull win

Dazcat 10 Racing Trimaran Paradox paddled across the line at 07.00.45 on Saturday 1st July, taking first place by just 45 minutes in the fast multihulls class in the Shetland Round Britain & Ireland Race gruelling race, organised by the Royal Western Yacht Club in partnership with Yachting Monthly. As they had been given up for lost only a week before, after horrendous gales off Scotland, their victory is all the sweeter.

It has been a race that has lived up to its reputation as one of the most testing of both crew and boat, with four boats retired and several others having to put in for repairs. Paradox was always the underdog, being rated fifth in a class of five, but good seamanship and determination ensured they kept themselves and the boat intact and enabled them to snatch a win on handicap from much bigger and faster multihulls.

Having been caught in the gales that blew up the day after they left Barra in the Outer Hebrides, they had to sail North with bare poles and trailing anchor warps to slow themselves down until the wind changed speed and direction. This left them with miles to make up, and meant an anxious time for family and friends waiting to hear that they were ok. (Other competitors, due to leave just before the storm began, wisely took the decision amongst themselves to stay in Castlebay until the weather blew itself out.) Once they arrived safely in Lerwick they were a day and a half behind the leader, Alacrity, for the next leg to Lowestoft and had a lot of water to make up.

On the next leg they managed to push from third to second place with canny use of variable winds and sea states, putting them in a good position to take advantage of a last burst of a favourable 10kn north easterly breeze on the last leg. That and some back-breaking paddling secured them a win.

As the designers and builders of Paradox we are very proud of their achievement, and that they have shown what the boat is capable of. Paradox was designed specifically to take part in a Round Britain race, originally with a disabled skipper and crew, and no modifications have been made since then; her first owner is delighted that she has had the chance to take part, and to win.